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Prince Singh is a  well-known and influential South Indian photographer who has been instrumental in capturing on image contemporary Indian life in the UK, USA ad Dubai. He is known for his color storytelling and glamorized intricate craftsmanship.

Prince had a unique journey to the top of the fashion design field. Whilst growing up, Prince always had a natural fascination for movies, glamour and color; so his initial career choice to train as a photographer was almost inevitable.

He quickly became involved in photographing high-end women's Indian couture, and this was where he noticed the increasing popularity of high-end luxurious men’s fashion.

When Prince started shooting designers’ fashion collections, he became fascinated by the field of fashion, and the way colour, shape and material came together to produce beautiful garments. He began to dream of designing his own collection.
The Vision...
Prince decided to teach himself fashion design in order to pursue his dream. It was a struggle, and many times he had to start over again until he got his garments to look exactly the way he wanted. He started by designing individual garments.

Over time, he found his ability to envision a look for his client, which was true-to-life yet creative, got him increasingly higher-level recognition. Marrying traditional Indian styles with a stylish, contemporary western look, Prince became widely known as the first photographer turned fusion South Indian fashion designer.

Prince has now achieved his dream and launched his eponymous label in which he focuses on men’s high-end luxury fashion. In the short time since the label has hit the fashion markets, Prince’s brand has made its mark across the globe – London, Dubai, Las Vegas, New York and California.

Prince believes his talent lies in his ability to strike the crucial balance between styling, shooting and designing. With his eye for color and light, he is able to design clothes that look beautifully stylish, elegant and contemporary, while retaining the timeless appeal of traditional Indian menswear.

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